Hello and welcome to the website of SUSPEND demogroup! Here you will find up to date news about the group, download Suspend releases and get some information about the staff. Information concerning upcoming releases is also available from this site. Don't forget to check out our art gallery to see the masterpieces produced by Suspend artists. The site is still under development, so expect more in the future.

Ups, we did it again! 1st at Abstract 2k+4 demo compo!
We released Industrial Twilight (Pouet ID: 13789), demo that took the 1st place at the Abstract'2004 in Gliwice, Poland. Complete credits: RCL (code), Deesis (design, 2D gfx), Nordbasse (music), L-Graph (modelling, some 2D gfx), Mover(some modelling), additional modelling by Ubik. Final version of the demo and DivX version coming soon.

Double attack! Two demos at one party!
We relased two demos at that party, and this demo took the 3rd place. This is the first demo coded by Lion. Raiden composed an industrial tune and Degrysin together with Mover modelled the scenes. Graphics were done by Difuse. Party version had some bugs and didn't run on some machines, but now you can download bug fixed version (here).

BPM#2 Grass Music Disk relased!
Our newest product is the second part of Grass music disk. First part was released in 1995 by Hypnotize group. Music disk contains techno-minimal songs made between 1997 and 1999. You can download it [here]

Breakpoint 2k+4 Feedback: Second Place in Amiga Demo Compo!
We are proud to annouce that new demo "fluffy digital snowflakes" produced by Madwizards in cooperation with Suspend is relased! You can downland divix version [here].

Exposive 2k+4 Feedback:
We didn't released any coded production at this party, except party version of grass music disk [ BPM II ] ! Final version will be available soon.
Neverthless we succeed a few competitions:
- Mime was 1st in pixel graphics competition. [see graphics]
- Diodak was 2nd in pixel graphics competition. [see graphics]
- Degrysin was 1st in raytracing competition. [see ray]
- Lsd [giku] 1st in mp3 competition [downland mp3]
- Revisq was 2nd in mp3 competiton [downland mp3]

Final version of Mechanical Dreams has been released, with some bugs fixed and Suspend logo updated. The demo is available from Pouet (id: 11131) - please, leave your comments there, we are curious about the feedback :) This production took the first place at Abstract'2k+3, a party held in Gliwice, Poland. Ppl behind the demo are: RCL (code, modelling), L-Graph (art, modelling, idea), Mobby (soundtrack), Degrysin (additional modelling) and Mantra (additional artwork) as a guest star ;)

Pointman, the former Suspend leader, author of great Suspend productions from 1997-1999 (such as Front Page and Back Page), is going to come back! He plans to start with porting some of those ol'good DOS intros to Windows.

Our charts mag "Slonecznik" (Polish for "Sunflower") features Polish charts, interviews with famous sceners and scene-related articles. Magazine is devoted exclusively to Polish demoscene, but we consider adding world charts as well. Right now we are thinking about English version of it, and are in search of translators. If you have good English and Polish knowledge and wish to become a member of magazine staff, please let us know!